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My name is Anaclara PĂ©rez, and I was born in Brazil to two Uruguayans that had fled the country because of the dictatorship. I am the first generation to be born in Brazil and I was raised going every summer to visit my family in Uruguay… so I consider myself more Uruguayan than Brazilian, since all my culture came from there.

When I was little my half-brother was into grunge and then punk, (back in the 90s the punk scene in Brazil was very active and somewhat united) he started publishing a small newspaper with his friend and later when he found punk, it was full on DIY everything all the time: zines, tagging, his punk rock band, it was an impressive array of creations that came from that fertile ground. Back then I would tag along even in the most unadvised situations, I loved to be in the middle of the action.

However, I was still too young to partake in anything rather than gawking at the fashion style of the girls and their feminist values…

It wasn’t until nearly 20 years later that a friend would pick up my collage style and feminist quotes on my crafts and point out that that was already half a cool zine. I was caught unprepared, baffled at the obviousness of the situation but unable to answer why that idea had never even occurred to me!

I guess since I had lost contact with that world way long ago, I didn’t realize zines even still existed and were a thing!

So a university degree in History and a one way ticket to the Netherlands (to live with my now husband) later, I decided there were too many topics to share my ideas on. I made 2 or 3 zines and then on to an event in Rotterdam called Zine Camp (2017); it BLEW my mind to know that zines were very much alive and kicking in Europe!

I was so excited I decided to go further in the rabbit while and here we are!

Today I live with my husband and 2 month old son, my dog, my cat and my bunny in Lelystad, the Netherlands.

I’m just a beginner and I would love to trade, learn, make friends and especially attend to zine events of all types, so don’t be afraid to contact me at

May 2024